lord. ghostbusters. i even wonder if i am the first one with a ghostbusters shrine on neocities. i love ghostbusters with all of my heart and soul. but what is ghostbusters?


i mean, i assume almost everyone seeing this has watched, or at least heard of ghostbusters. ghostbusters is a movie made in 1984 directed by ivan reitman. its a cult classic and a blockbuster movie, and is beloved all around america, if not the world. it stars bill murray, dan aykroyd, harold ramis, ernie hudson and sigourney weaver. the plot follows three parapyschologists named peter venkman, ray stantz, and egon spengler (my beloved) who, well, bust ghosts. ghostbusters, so to speak. theres this one lady they meet, named dana, and shes got some ghost problems. ghost problems intensify, and also another ghostbuster, winston zeddemore joins. they fight ghosts. its an amazing, funny, well written, enjoyable movie. but if youre any over 10 years old you probably know all that already.