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so... yes, i realize i already have a thing at the top of my home page that are links to other sites on neocities, but i found this super cool website that does not have a button i can easily link it to. so, im going to make a whole page for these. this page is partially also for me so i can bookmark these really cool sites but also if you are on m page and you click the button to get here you can go to these websites too! all of these websites are a lot bigger than mine, so this probably wont help them get any more site traffic, but theres a chance and i really want to have a page for these.

i will also be talking about the sites and what they are and why i like them so get ready

ok jeez enough talking heres the sites.

click the charizard!!!

click the charizard to go to the site of julian's artchive (or this text)

this website i just discovered today, or well, i guess it wont always be today; i discovered this website the day i made this page. and also specifically because of this website because before i had just been linking the cool websites to buttons on the home page, but this one didnt have a button, so anyways talk about the actual site please oh my god! i found this site because one of the other sites i follow commented on this site, and it looked interesting so i checked it out. it is so cool. first of all, the design isnt too fancy, which i wouldnt usually like since i lovvee flashy stuff, but this one is calming. and its well coded. i cant figure out how to make boxes of stuff in my page. im sure its not that unbelievably hard, but i still havent done it. but in this website, the creator shows off their art, and music, and photography and its all so nicely done. seriously go look at it, i just really like it and it deserves more views.

click button!!

click the button or the text!!

this site is cool. i really like the color scheme, it kind of reminds me of mine, i think its going for the same vibe, but this site is cool, it has a lot of helpful coding stuff, theres stuff about pokemon, i mean whats not to like?

click the pikachu!!!

this site has no button but it is very cool but click on the pokemon above this text to go or click this text!!

this site isnt very unknown, it has millions of views, but its cool because you can just open pokemon cards! its only the first generation, but are you going to complain? you arent going to find a website like this one on neocities. i think its really clever and i just go to it fun

click lain!!

click the lain because no button for site once again!

oh my god. this site is too cool. it makes me uncomfortable, but in a way that is so impressive, because how can a website make me feel like that? also, not a bad uncomfortable, just a weird feeling. but its so cool. i cant imagine how much coding this site took. it is so impressive, i want to show it off to everyone i know and its not even my site. and also, serial experiments lain? love it.

click button!!

a button! click it!

this site look so nice. like this time, i feel comfortable. also the coding it had to have taken for it too look this good is insane. this site is just so aesthetically pleasing and impressive. its a site im entertained on and i could stay on for a while. it keeps my attention.

click button!!

button! click!

everything just reminds me that i have a very long way to go to be a really good coder. this website is so nice. theres not much more to it, but this one is also entertaining. and insanely impressive.

click link!!

i tried to use something for this website as a button but my computer is the cheapest computer on this earth so just click link

ok so i cant even be serious about this one. there was a list of neocities websites i had saved on my computer, and i didnt recognize this one, and i went to it, and well, honestly, just go to this website to understand. if you still dont understand anything going on on this website, good! be happy! and if you do, go spend an hour on here, or cry. on another note, this website is pretty well coded, no lie, so i cant make fun of it too much.

click button!!

heyyy this site has a button!

ok so this website is very very cool and theres some really cool art and i hadnt really taken a lot of time to look around this site but man it is really cool /srs. and theres a game? my computer is too crappy to play it, but the person who made this site has their game linked! just a really cool website, so much, so well coded, i really like it.

click garfield!

i havent gotten much time to explore this website, but just the front page is super interesting, there also seems to be just so much content

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