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lets talk about me

i dont share personal info but i will share my personality type

i am an INTP 7w6

ok yeah im making an about me section but do you really think im going to talk about personal stuff? no, no, im going to talk about me as in my interests because that is my favorite thing to talk about and instead of just annoying everyone around me ill just put it on a website! and the thing with this is that people can see this, but its not like with social media where you have no privacy and everyone can see everything about you. neocities > social media. look at the little button up there ill copy it again for you but delete twitter make a neocities bless the man that made neocities all hail kyle drake

oh em gee oh em gee

where i got this very funny image from all credits to this person

ANYWAYS HEY back to me haha

so.. interests! i like a lot of stuff. but, here, read about some stuff i like! the bottom part of the page are old interests but a few i still like. closer to the top of the page is more current.



yeah i like a lot of cartoons so ill just tell you about some and why i like them

adventure time! i freakingg love adventure time! especially (cough cough)... simon petrikov yes i know he is not at all a major character but hes so me and hes so amazing i feel so bad for him i just want him to be happy and i am SO EXCITED FOR THE FIONNA AND CAKE SHOW BECAUSE ITS FIONNA AND CAKE AND SIMON OH EM GEE!!! also just love all of adventure time love marceline love all of jake's kids all the characters frfr but especially simon

bee and puppycat! bro bee and puppycat just came out on netflix go watch it actually right this second GET OFF MY WEBSITE GO SHOO BYE GO WATCH BEE AND PUPPYCAT its so nice to look at and fun and sweet i love it thank you

spongebob duh i mean yeah of course. no like i unironically love spongebob. legit comfort show. also spongebob the musical is so freakingh good omg go listen to it go watch it do something its so good!

invader zim! i love invader zim so much! i actually especially love the pilot for some reason though? pilot is so good but the show is also great. movie is also great. i have lost track of how much invader zim merch i have boaught from hot topic.


THIS PART OF THE PAGE IS OUTDATED! i mean theres nothing wrong with any of it its just i like new things now. feel free to still look if youd like

the ice cream scoops

at this time, i actually dont have any scoops, i just went to an ice cream shop and ate a bunch of toppings. if anything, the muppets is a scoop, but then on some random day of the week i no longer care at all about muppets.


the toppings

so id say theres three scoops right now and um... so the last scoop is spongebob musical. actually, im not embarassed of that. anyone visiting this site is either some stranger browsing neocities or is someone i know who already knows i am hyperfixated on spongebob the broadway musical. also, why do i need to be embarassed that i like a musical that is actually good. dumb, maybe, but do you know all the people who wrote songs for it? david bowie, they might be giants, the plain white tees, aerosmith, the flaming lips, etc. its not bad. tons of really good artists worked on it.

muppets. if you dont like muppets get outa here. gay people for muppets tbh. its always the straight gen-z who dont apprecite muppets, everyone else does, or at least should love muppets. gonzo is a non-binary icon. no muppet is cisgender because im not cisgender and i said so and also, theyre muppets? im allowed to call them whatever i want? sorry. that was slightly targeted towards cishet people. kermit and ms piggy bi4bi t4t canon. thank you. but like fr muppets is a masterpiece.

invader zim. i have the interests of either a seven year old boy or a teenager from the 2000's. invader zim is like the coolest show. and its becoming popular again i think, theyre selling invader zim stuff at hot topic! me, who attaches on to any character with glasses, loves dib. i have this zim keychain that i hang on the holes of my button ups.

remember the thing about me having the interests of a teenager from the 2000's? vocaloid. i hate that i love it. its easily the most embarassing of all of my interests, the spongebob musical counted. but its just so cool! and just interesting how they work and all the concerts and all the vocaloids and how many there are and i could go on and on and on i just love vocaloid.

guess who watched the new batman! its me. i did. and i loved it. it probably wasnt that good, but my dumb brain was like "yeah no im obsessed with this now" and here we are! its not everyone's cup of tea, but it got some good reviews so you might like it! or you already watched it (likely) and you either loved it or you hated it. no in between. am i obsessed with paul dano as the riddler? next question. but the answer is yes. i am. thank you.

jim henson is a mastermind and thats the reason why there are two of his creations that im very obsessed with. i already talked about muppets, and probably will talk more, but oh my god fraggle rock. fraggle rock is a gift come down from heaven. literally i dont know why its not more loved everywhere. like yeah if you go on the internet you'll find fraggle rock fans and maybe some actually good fanart, but more people should like fraggle rock modernly. like i get maybe not liking muppets that much (thats a lie i have no clue why you wouldnt like muppets) but fraggle rock? people live for nice aesthetics, and the aesthetic is very much there. also like its just so fun to watch and is so good.

I'm a Common Toad!
The largest toad found commonly in Europe, the Bufo Bufo species can grow up to 20cm in length with a rotund body. Active mostly at night, this toad will walk about slowly, sometimes making short jumps, in search of insects, worms and other invertebrates. This makes it of great help to farmers. At the end of autumn it buries itself in the soil where it remains until good weather arrives again.

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