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tone tag index

  • /j= joking
  • /hj= half joking
  • /srs= being serious
  • /gen= genuine
  • /s= sarcastic

i found out about tone tags thru a friend and hey it makes it so much easier to convey tone when youre not face like how are you supposed to know im joking while on a website because im not gonna go "HHAHAHA THAT WAS A JOKE LOLOLOLOL" well actually i would do that but hey try tone tags out sometimes! theyre great be their friend



i am back in school which you'd think would make me edit the site more because i worked on this site for a grade last year (actually like my teacher didn't know what to make me do for the class so i just made a website) but the only time i can work on this now is during study hall and the internet in study hall is balls

i am just such a silly guy no one gets it /hj

i bought a peepy do you know peepy hes a little guy and i bought him and hes almost to my house


yes hes supposed to look like that


i'm to lazy to code the website directory thing at the top it works but you have to backspace to get back to the main page

actually i might actually fix that brb

i fixed it


i said i was waiting for my boy peepy but HE HAS BEEN DELAYED 3 DAYS

he might be there when i get home though

lets hope


am bored in school soo i keep editing my site


today has been a much better day than other days thiis week; ive been listening to nicki minaj all morning

peepy did not get to my house yesterday but he might? get here today. hoping.

eminem stan with elton john *cries* please elton john have mercy this is so sad

favorite character type: androgynous fluffy haired neurodivergent computer likers aka edward from cowboy bebop and pidge from voltron

i am simply a little thing. i just sit here.

i can only focus when i am playing two different songs at one time, have two shows on, am watching a video of some korean street food being made, have duolingo up and answer a question every couple of minutes, and am maladaptive daydreaming. i am in need of constant stimulation because if i do not have that i get overstimulated by the lack of stimulation.


how is it tuesday it should be thursday

why do people


i am so tired. benchmarks are soon so i am tired. help. so many benchmark study guides. you know, if its a study guide, and its supposed to help us study, why does it have a due date? hm? just let me do it on my own time if it's supposed to help me study...