hopes for the site
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hopes for the site

so, this site isnt very advanced. im not being hard on myself or anything, im not being a pick-me, but its true. go to tons of other websites and they'll be 10x better than mine. i still am very proud of mine so far though. this page isnt really necessary, and if anything is mostly just for myself, but i wanted a page of stuff i want to do with this website, because i can see a good future for it. to others it might not seem like a lot, but at the moment im editing this page, my website has 450 views. thats a lot to me. even if its just random people who could not care less, it makes me happy. this was just a silly school side project because i needed a grade in my technology class and everything else was too basic and simple. im proud of myself. so, here are some hopes for the future.

  • an animated cursor; i've been researching code to try to figure it out, i dont know if its different on neocities, but its not the easiest to do and code, so hopefully i will figure that out
  • background music! its probably not that hard, i just dont know where to get a music file from :/ (update- i gigured out how to do it and i was so excited, but apparently you have to be a supporter to be able to add any file you want. does neocities really think i have money? no music until the website actually starts to get moe visits.)
  • how do i explain this... make the site look more 90's? thats the whole point of neocities, " bringing back the lost individual creativity of the web" aka the 90's-early 2000's. almost all the websites on here have that vide, and im working on making mine that way, but i still have more to do.
  • easier access to these other pages
  • an actual home page- the home page atm is just talking about spiderman and talking nonsense, i could make a home page where you could get to everything, me talking about spiderman, the about me page, this page, the music taste page, etc.
  • im actually working on another website rn; im not abandoning this one, but the one im making is going to be just about muppets, like a database that literally comes fro my brain because of how much knowledge about the muppets i have so thats in progress and it will probably be linked on this site's home page

spidermna shrine and ghostbusters shrine and muppets sheine and oscar isaac shrine.